Computer Science - ISC Class 12

A complete course for ISC class 12th Computer Science.

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Alok Maurya
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Course description

This course contains all the lessons for Class 12th ISC Computer Science.

What will i learn?

  • After studying this course, you will be able to understand Computer Science very easily
  • You will be able to score more than 90% in Computer Science


  • You must be in class 12th ISC board
  • You must have a basic understanding of java
3 Lessons
02:07:37 Hours
Solved Specimen Paper - Part 1
Solved Specimen Paper - Part 2
PDF of the Solutions
8 Lessons
02:57:29 Hours
Propositional Logic
Truth Table - part 1
Truth Table - part 2
Laws of Boolean Algebra
De Morgans Theorem and Duality Principle
SOP and POS form | Canonical SOP, POS Forms
K Maps for SOP
K-Map for POS
11 Lessons
02:26:44 Hours
Logic Gates - NOT, AND, OR, NAND, NOR
Universal Gates - NAND, NOR
Half Adders
Full Adders
Multiplexer - 4x1 MUX
Multiplexer - 8x1 MUX
Truth Table Word Problems (part 1)
Truth Table Word Problems (part 2)
Previous Year Solved Questions
8 Lessons
01:40:20 Hours
What are classes and objects ?
What is a Constructor ?
Input in Java using Scanner class
String Tokenizer class
Wrapper class in Java
Conditional Constructs in Java - If Else, Switch and Ternary Operator
Loops in Java : for, while & do-while
Functions or methods
4 Lessons
01:06:44 Hours
What is Recursion ?
Program - Armstrong Number using recursion
Program - Disarium Number using Recursion
Output Questions based on Recursion
7 Lessons
02:05:57 Hours
What is String ?
Functions of String
Program - Palindrome Word in Java
Program - Capital Words Frequency
Program - Arrange words based on their Potential
Program - Happy Word in Java
Program - StringOp in Java (ISC 2005)
11 Lessons
02:33:13 Hours
Program - Print sum of diagonals in 2D Array
Program - Interchange Diagonal elements of Matrix
Program - Sum of Row elements and Column elements in 2D Array
Program - Reverse Matrix Elements in 2D Array
Selection Sort in Java
Insertion Sort in Java
What is Array in Java ?
Program - Find minimum & maximum value in array
Program -Linear Search in Java
What is 2D Array or Two Dimensional Array in Java ?
Row major and Column major Address Calculation
1 Lessons
00:00:00 Hours
How to Use Algorithms to Solve Problems?
3 Lessons
00:17:48 Hours
Inheritance in Java
Interface in Java
Polymorphism in Java
6 Lessons
01:51:57 Hours
Linked List
Linked List (all codes) PDF
Binary Tree
Infix Prefix and Postfix Conversions

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