Computer Science - Class 11

Computer Science for Class 11th

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This video course contains the complete syllabus of class 11 computer science (isc board). It contains all the chapters in a sequence which you can study as per your convinience.

What will i learn?

  • You will be able to understand each and every topic easily
  • You will be able to score good marks in class 11 computers


  • You must have a basic knowledge of computer in earlier classes.
  • You must be familiar with java
2 Lessons
00:00:00 Hours
Specimen Paper
8 Lessons
05:48:44 Hours
Ch-1 Numbers (Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hexadecimal) and Conversions
Ch-1 Numbers - Fractional Number Conversions
Addition and Subtraction in Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal Number
1‘s Complement and 2‘s Complement
Subtraction using 1‘s complement
Subtraction using 2‘s complement
Number System based Exam Questions
Number System PDF notes
2 Lessons
00:24:58 Hours
Ch-2 Encodings - Binary Numbers & Character Encodings
ASCII codes
8 Lessons
01:37:18 Hours
Ch-3 Propositional Logic
Converse, Inverse and Contrapositive Statements
Logic Gates (AND, NOT, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, XNOR)
Universal Gates - NAND, NOR
Solving Truth Tables - part 1
Solving Truth Table - Part 2
Truth Table Word Problems
Word Problems - without making Truth Tables
7 Lessons
02:50:33 Hours
What is class and object in Java ?
Conditional Constructs in Java - If Else, Switch and Ternary Operator
Loops in Java : for, while & do-while
Output Questions in Java - All Outputs in 1 shot
Output Questions in Java based on Loops - 2
Loop based Output Questions (While and Do While) - 3
Loop based Output Questions - 4
3 Lessons
00:42:39 Hours
Functions in Java - Call by value/reference and Function overloading
Function Overloading in Java
Function Overloading program in Java
12 Lessons
02:31:28 Hours
What are Arrays ?
2D Array or Two Dimensional Array in Java
Searching in Array - Linear Search
Find minimum & maximum value in array
Sorting - Insertion Sort
Sorting - Selection Sort
Sorting - Bubble sort - part 1
Sorting - Bubble sort program - part 2
2D Array Program - Reverse Matrix Elements
2D Array Program - Print sum of diagonals
2D Array Program - Interchange Diagonal elements of Matrix
2D Array Program - Sum of Row elements and Column elements
12 Lessons
03:15:01 Hours
What is String ?
Functions of String class
String, Palindrome and BufferedReader class
String Programs in Java
Sort String Arrays or Names (using Bubble Sort)
String Array Program - Sort Student Name and Percentage
StringOp - Java Program
Happy Word Java Program | String
String Menu Driven Program: First and Last letter of words in a Sentence
String Java Program - Length of Each Word in a Sentence
String Program: Capitalize each word in a String
String Program - Removing Words from a Sentence
3 Lessons
00:58:52 Hours
Input in Java : Scanner and BufferedReader class
File Handling in Java - Writing, Reading Text and Binary Files
File Handling Part 2 | How to do Questions
5 Lessons
01:23:02 Hours
Recursion in Java
Output Questions based on Recursion
Program: Fibonacci Series using Recursion
Armstrong Number Programs in Java using recursion
Disarium Number in Java (using Recursion)
0 Lessons
00:00:00 Hours

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