Computer Applications - Class 10th

A complete course for ICSE Computer Applications for Class 10th.

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Alok Maurya
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It includes all the lessons along with their explanation and several Java Programs which which help you understand computer subject very easily.

What will i learn?

  • After studying from this course, you will be able to understand all the topics in Computer Application (Java)


  • You must be in class 10th ICSE board
9 Lessons
00:43:25 Hours
Revision Notes for Theory from whole Syllabus
2023 Specimen Paper Solved (video)
2023 Specimen Paper Solved (PDF)
2019 Solved Computer Paper
2018 Solved Computer Paper
2017 Solved Computer Paper
2016 Solved Computer Paper
2015 Solved Computer paper
2014 Solved Computer Paper
5 Lessons
02:41:48 Hours
++ and -- Operator based Questions
Important Output Questions
Important Output Questions - Part 2
Output Questions on Loops
Output Questions on String
7 Lessons
02:08:21 Hours
Input in Java - Scanner and BufferedReader
Mathematical Library Methods
Conditional Constructs in Java
Loops - for, while and do-while
Program - Number Patterns Printing (All Types)
Program - Sum of Series (All Types of Programs)
Program - Sum of Series (Part 2)
1 Lessons
00:05:23 Hours
Class and Object
3 Lessons
00:42:39 Hours
Functions in Java
Function Overloading
Function Overloading Program
1 Lessons
00:05:40 Hours
What is a Constructor ?
1 Lessons
00:32:45 Hours
Library Functions
1 Lessons
00:14:49 Hours
Access modifiers and Scope of Variables
5 Lessons
01:15:03 Hours
What is an Array ?
Finding minimum or maximum value in an Array
Bubble Sort (Concept and All Java Codes)
Linear Search
Binary Search
9 Lessons
01:57:01 Hours
What is a String ?
Functions of String Class
Program - Reverse a String and check if its Palindrome
Program - Piglatin Word
Program - Unique String
Program - Remove Consecutive Repeated Letters in a String
Program - Happy Word
Program - String All Types of Patterns
Program - 1 more String Pattern

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