Computer Applications - Class 10th

A complete course for ICSE Computer Applications for Class 10th.

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Alok Maurya
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It includes all the lessons along with their explanation and several Java Programs which which help you understand computer subject very easily.

What will i learn?

  • After studying from this course, you will be able to understand all the topics in Computer Application (Java)


  • You must be in class 10th ICSE board
2 Lessons
00:43:25 Hours
Revision Notes for Theory from whole Syllabus
2023 Specimen Paper Solved (video)
5 Lessons
02:41:48 Hours
++ and -- Operator based Questions
Important Output Questions
Important Output Questions - Part 2
Output Questions on Loops
Output Questions on String
7 Lessons
02:08:21 Hours
Input in Java - Scanner and BufferedReader
Mathematical Library Methods
Conditional Constructs in Java
Loops - for, while and do-while
Program - Number Patterns Printing (All Types)
Program - Sum of Series (All Types of Programs)
Program - Sum of Series (Part 2)
1 Lessons
00:05:23 Hours
Class and Object
3 Lessons
00:42:39 Hours
Functions in Java
Function Overloading
Function Overloading Program
1 Lessons
00:05:40 Hours
What is a Constructor ?
1 Lessons
00:32:45 Hours
Library Functions
1 Lessons
00:14:49 Hours
Access modifiers and Scope of Variables
5 Lessons
01:15:03 Hours
What is an Array ?
Finding minimum or maximum value in an Array
Bubble Sort (Concept and All Java Codes)
Linear Search
Binary Search
11 Lessons
02:32:17 Hours
What is a String ?
Functions of String Class
Program - Reverse a String and check if its Palindrome
Program - Reverse the word and Count Vowels
Program - Piglatin Word
Program - Unique String
Program - Remove Consecutive Repeated Letters in a String
Program - Happy Word
Program - String All Types of Patterns
Program - 1 more String Pattern
Java Program - Encode the Sentence in Cyclic Shift

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